Loc-Camp was established in 2013, headquarter is located in Cairo, Egypt. Loc-Camp is a holistic provider of translation, localization and DTP services. We translate from/into all languages and localize to all locales. We are committed to deliver the highest quality in the shortest time. We have flexibility to satisfy the needs of every client at any time, night or day, Tuesday noon or Friday late, business-day or holiday. We care about details as well as the integrity of the whole work whatever its volume. We handle each piece of content as a masterpiece that should be fine-crafted by the hands of our elite content craftsmen who are carefully selected to meet, and even exceed, our clients’ expectations.
Thanks to the elite staff of industry experts, Loc-Camp works with you to protect and enhance your brand. Our team is led by the best linguists and engineers at our premises, backed by an extensive network of expertise partners worldwide. You will find us your tongue to communicate, and your companion to confidently proceed. Together we will grow and together we will succeed.
Whenever you need help, you will find us there 24/7. With us, your budget will never come short. Our target is to increase your profits and to ease your success.

Our Vision

We, Loc-Camp, believe that excellence and successful path is not a chance, only with efforts, sustained actions and continuous development we can achieve the highest possible quality within the deadline. Just like “Ship Crew”, all members work together & share the willingness to achieve the common aim. Thus, we are trying so hard to have top-quality staff members to get to our destination.

Our Team

With Loc-Camp team, you know the services provided will suit your specific needs, no matter how difficult or complex. We realize the importance and necessity of applying the technologies to guarantee faster, cheaper and higher quality services.


We have a team of certified, trained and experienced translators, bilingual and multilingual. Our process of translation consists of translation, editing and proofreading.

Desktop Publishers

We have a team of DTP artists whose experience is no less than 10 years in the industry.


We have picky-eyed personnel who can spot and fix any bug, report and provide milestones, feedbacks and bug-fixes.

Localization Engineers

Our localization engineers prepare material and create translation memories and term bases. We do a 24/7 technical support and ready to troubleshoot any issue that could dare rising in the course of work. We have genius minds that always have a better potential to make life easier.

Project Managers/Coordinators

Each project has dedicated personnel to handle it from A to Z, not from HO to HB, but from heads-up to after-delivery follow-ups. The guarantee that the instructions have been applied without any issue and deliver on time if not earlier.

Business Development

We think big. This is why we care about development. Our business developers analyze study, build and help our business ever grow.


  • Quality
  • Self-Development
  • Confidentiality